Jecklin Float Electrostat PS1/PS2 headphones Refurbishing

Whenever I get hold of a pair of JJ Float Electrostat PS
headphones, they could do with a new set of foam pads,
or Ideally an overall replacement all of the pads.
Please Check out how to Refurbishing link.

Overall replacement:
  • replacement of the top heads foam
  • replacement of the left set of foam pads
  • replacement of the right set of foam pads
  • replacement of two back-cover foam pads
  • Renew original Mylar folie (both sides)
  • Coating new Mylar/Hostaphan folie
  • Re-coating/refreshing electrostatic folie
Models: PS0, PS1, PS2, Model 1, Model 2
All sorts of electrical/mechanical faults was
fixed and repaired, also total transformer repairs...

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Refurbishing / Repair / Recoating

Gallery Jecklin Float with notes

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